THE GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP is the company that operates in all the construction around the stainless.
With long experience and expertise of its founder and leader, Panagiotis Papoutsis and highly skilled staff is now well established in the area.

The stainless steel is the metal material of the future that impresses for its life and strength. It is art.

In plants, an area of 2.500m2, in an autonomous unit with sophisticated industrial machines CNC, offering customers excellent results even in difficult construction and fast delivery times.

THE GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP manufactures tailored designs for our customers and implement their ideas, in full consistency with the stainless steel products are aesthetically distinct and unique.
The company undertakes investment shops configurations - Investing various facades and other architectural applications.

It manufactures products such as:
-Stainless steel railings projects
Stainless-ladders of various types of circular or straight to pressing of glass or wood etc.
Stainless steel-glass door knobs-wood interior or outdoors on various projects or to order
-Stainless steel sinks for professional or domestic use
-Stainless-linked sliding doors
Several construction-specific

The basic principle of GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP is located near the customer and to offer more than one product. It seeks to offer integrated solutions as it is demanding and needs. Also after the sale is next to the customer by offering the after sales service (where applicable).

The company's philosophy is the effort of continuous improvement is atelefti, based on continuous monitoring of the services offered. Inspires employees collective spirit of creativity and achieve maximum efficiency.

Visitors have the opportunity to see the products in the exhibition space in Industrial Park Upper Liosia, Wednesday 20 & sixteenth 2 (parallel Attiki Odos), Attica Road exits 5 & 6 intermediates.
He has special tariffs for manufacturers, architects and very affordable for individuals with an interest-free arrangement.
For all these reasons, I have great trust companies in the stainless steel construction in the private and public sector projects such as:

-Stainless steel handrails on the suburban railway stations
-Stainless steel shelters in light of the suburban railway stations
-Stainless steel railings embassies, investment STUDIOS, salon, cafes, shops etc ...

Warranty for GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GROUP are previous customers, who thanks them warmly for the trust which showed, making one of the best and biggest companies in the field of stainless steel construction.

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